Al Syndianat

It is with love and joy that “Al Syndianat” takes care of our elderly in order to help them age with dignity.
In a secure, relaxed and homely environment, “Al Syndianat”’s dedicated staff strives on a daily basis to help each resident maintain their wellbeing and independence as long as possible.
We offer a caring plan that is tailored to our seniors’ individual needs and changing requirements to allow them to age with dignity and peace of mind. The center’s caregivers also provide our elderly with the highest standard of nursing services.
“Al Syndianat” wants its residents to retain physical, emotional, intellectual and psychological health.
We can host up to 40 residents.

Since the inception of “Al Syndianat”, la Chaîne des Amis has entrusted the management of the elderly house to the nuns of the congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (SSCC). La Chaîne des Amis handles the supervision and the financial support.
In 2017, Sister Marie-Emile Kabbouchi has been in charge of managing the house with the help of sister Lydia Elian, Sister Paul-Marie Kabbouchi and Sister Marie-Agathe Bteich.
Dr. Salma Sfeir (general practitioner and family doctor) provides weekly medical check-ups for all our residents.
A physiotherapist is available at the request of residents.
An experienced staff of 28 employees provides housing, kitchen, laundry, reception and reception services.
A qualified team handles the administrative and financial side.
The “Al Syndianat” Committee, made up of volunteers from la Chaîne des Amis, organizes monthly meetings on the premises with the Supervising Sister to ensure the good management of the house.

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