All Committees

La Chaîne des Amis is composed of several committees that ensure its proper functioning:

“Al Syndianat” is composed of:
A Manager
An Assistant Manager
A Secretary
Subordinate members of Ghadouna

“L’Artisanat” is composed of:
The Artisanat Committee
The Workshop Manager

The Evening School “L’Etude du Soir” is composed of:
The School Support Committee
The Director

The Administration is formed of:
The Administrative Director
The Secretary
The Assistant Secretary

The Finance Committee is formed of:
The Members of the Finance Committee
The Accountant
The person responsible for the audit

The Recruitment Committee is responsible for:

  • Recruiting new members of la Chaîne des Amis and escorting them throughout the first year of their career.
  • Dealing with the difficulties that arise with any of the members of la Chaîne des Amis in order to preserve understanding and harmony in the association.

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for:

  • Strengthening the bonds of friendship between the members of la Chaîne des Amis through meetings, outings and pilgrimages.
  • Presenting la Chaîne des Amis to the general public through the annual gala dinner – a lucrative activity to support “Al Syndianat” – or through any other activity, depending on the circumstances.

The “Al Syndianat” Committee is responsible for:

  • Following the smooth work of “Al Syndianat” in collaboration with the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary who are managing the establishment.
  • Addressing various issues at the facility, at staff and resident levels.
  • Providing weekly visits for the residents of “Al Syndianat”.

The Craft Committee is responsible for:

  • Creating new models for artifacts with the help of the manager.
  • Programing the various exhibitions of la Chaîne des Amis: Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter…
  • Participating in the bazaars and exhibitions that take place.

 The Cultural Committee is responsible for:

  • Organizing the activities of the association:
  • Cultural activities: seminars, discussions, conferences, museum visits, film clubs …
  • Spiritual activities: debates on religious themes of current events or history, the annual Easter recollection.
  • Representing la Chaîne des Amis in cultural and spiritual events and congresses.
  • Ensuring broad community outreach from La Chaîne des Amis.

The Finance Committee is responsible for:

  • Managing and planning the finances of la Chaîne des Amis.

Le Comité des Finances est chargé de :

  • Gérer et planifier les finances de la Chaîne des Amis.

The Advertising Committee is responsible for:

  • Creating design posters, invitation cards, greeting cards, flyers, promotional films to promote the various activities of la Chaîne des Amis.
  • Creating and preparing the layout of the annual magazine “Al Syndianat”.
  • Promoting la Chaîne des Amis through the press and mass media.

The Secretariat Committee is responsible for:

  • Taking charge of all the administrative work of la Chaîne des Amis and the committees.
  • Writing and sending circulars and messages to the members of la Chaîne des Amis, as well as external email communications.
  • Writing the meetings minutes of the Central Committee.
  • Classifying the archives.

The Central Committee is responsible for:

  • Providing trimestral school support for less fortunate individuals and families following social inquiries by social workers.
  • Organizing activities and outings for the residents of “Al Syndianat” in Sehaileh (First of October, The International Day of Older Persons, Christmas, Mother’s day, Spring Lunch …).

The School Support Committee is responsible for:

  • Providing students with learning and social difficulties with a free evening school that monitors the primary and complementary program: from Monday to Friday, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., starting mid-October till the end of June.
  • Supervising students through a team of qualified teachers.
  • Meeting with the teachers to evaluate and ensure the educational follow-up of the students.
  • Meeting annually with parents or whenever the situation requires it.

Ghadouna: The Youth Committee of La Relève is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the continuity of la Chaîne des Amis.
  • Recruiting young members and encouraging them to join the association.
  • Performing festive activities for the residents of “Al Syndianat”.

Organizing a lucrative activity for to fundraise for the social work of la Chaîne des Amis (Easter Fiesta, Theater …).

The Ad Hoc Committee on Staff Recruitment:

  • It is composed of members of the Central Committee to ensure regular monitoring of employees.

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