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You are our source of power! Without your generous donations, it would be difficult for us to invest in ambitious projects that will serve our mission. There are multiple ways to get involved with us. It is only through your support and your kindness that we can join efforts and remain at the service of others.

In order to support our activities and projects (“Al Syndianat”, “L’Etude du Soir”, the “L’Artisanat” exhibitions, the less fortunate families, fundraising activities …), you can send your donations to the following address:

Bank of Beirut s.a.l.

A/C USD: 1140107151001

IBAN USD: LB51007500000001140107151001

A/C LBP: 0140107151001

IBAN LBP: LB43007500000000140107151001


Your sponsorship will enable us to provide better living conditions to a vulnerable elderly.

Every good will, every know-how is most welcome.

If you feel like getting involved with our association and placing your know-how or talent at the service of our mission, – give lessons, knit, take care of an elderly, or simply do good in your free time – do not hesitate to send us your personal data.

Our Recruitment committee is more than happy to schedule a meeting with you in order to inform you about the membership conditions.

Call us or Register now:

Your support means a lot to us. We are extremely grateful for your assistance, donations, and voluntary work. It is your generous contributions that help us pursue our mission.

  • Georges N. Frem Bros Foundation
  • Adèle Haddad
  • Jamal Al Moaibed
  • Josette Miskaoui, Viviane El Kosseifi and Mireille Stephan
  • Georges Habib Nabhan
  • Nazih and Nabil Nahman
  • Lina Rbeiz and Norma Abdallah
  • Antoine and Violette Boulos
  • Andréa Maaraoui and Mara Hitti
  • René Tayah and Sonia Tayah
  • Ernest and Jocelyne Chammas
  • Rustom and Adèle Bauji
  • Napco
  • La Libanaise des Jeux
  • The French Republic
  • La Cimenterie Nationale
  • Georges and Dédé Faddoul El Achkar
  • L’Œuvre d’Orient
  • La Comité des Dames de Jeddah
  • Les Dames Libanaises Bénévoles de Khobar
  • Paul and Zeina Massaad
  • Antoinette Moses
  • La Mairie de Clichy – France
  • Le Crédit Suisse

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