La Chaîne Des Amis

In 1968, a group of former girl scouts from the region of Jounieh – Keserwan, summoned by Marlène Frem Tayah, got together to promote the role of women in community service. This is how la Chaîne des Amis (CDA) saw the light of day.

In line with its mission, “At the Service of Others”, la Chaîne des Amis (CDA) expanded its activities throughout the years to cover less fortunate families, the elderly and children with learning difficulties.

As part of its mission, la Chaîne des Amis (CDA) seeks to achieve the following objectives:
To support less fortunate families.
To promote handicrafts among housewives.
To care for the elderly.
To follow up on primary and complementary education for children with hindering learning and social difficulties.
Listen to the needs of the community in order to serve through new projects.

In order to meet the set objectives, la Chaîne des Amis (CDA) has organized different activities and projects:

Since 1970: Quarterly financial aid granted to a number of less fortunate families in the Keserwan and Ftouh region.
Establishment of the Sewing Room, “L’Ouvroir”.
In 1980: Establishment of “L’Artisanat”, an Arts and Crafts shop.
In 1993: Inauguration of “Al Syndianat”, an elderly home, in Sehaileh – Keserwan.
In 1999: Launch of “L’Etude du Soir”, a free-of-charge evening school, at the premises of la Chaîne des Amis.
In 2006: Launch of “Ghadouna”, the youth section of la Chaîne des Amis that is responsible for ensuring continuity.
In 2012: La Chaîne des Amis starts operating at its new headquarters in Sahel Alma – Jounieh.

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